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Steripods are the perfect cover for toothbrushes. They are easily used by my kids and they like being able to use these to identify their toothbrush. I like the added protection.  -Cindy B. (Amazon User)


Such a simple idea and works well. I haven't found a toothbrush these don't fit, unlike traditional toothbrush travel cases. I give them as stocking stuffers every Christmas.  -Alison W. (Amazon User)


My husband and I use this for our electric toothbrush heads on an everyday basis. It is also great for taking on a trip. Compact. The colors help define whose is whose.  -Sympathetic Ear (Amazon User)


This little gadget is wonderful; great for storing the toothbrush in the bathroom as well as travel. I feel germy if I don't have one on my toothbrush!  -Ann H.  (Amazon User)


The Steripod Clip does the job. I feel my toothbrush is protected and so am I. Great product and I will order again.  -Pixie69 (Amazon User)


I love these. It keeps your toothbrush fresh like Listerine. Ive ordered them twice.  -Joy O. (Amazon User)


These are fantastic! I have used them for a long while....they are worth the money for sure! I recommend them!  -Leanne K. (Amazon User)


I wouldn't use anything else to cover my toothbrush. I change them out every 3 months.  -Justamom (Amazon User)


I use these for all my toothbrushes; and change my toothbrush and the Steripod every season, or after an illness. Inexpensive and works well.  -L. Bass (Amazon User)





Celebrity yoga instructor and HEALTH Magazine Contributing Editor Kristin McGee says: "I absolutely love Steripod toothbrush protectors! I love to throw it in my gym bag or use them when I travel."


Jody Wagner Gillam I love steripod!!!!! I have been using them and get a new one every 3 months, loyally for years!!!!!!  I  love the Steripod Toothbrush Protector. At this time of year I always keep one on hand because I do a lot with the Cancer Society Relay For Life walks, I am a 15 year survivor. With my Steripod my toothbrush stays clean tucked away in my bag. Thank You Steripod!!!!!!


Sheena Settle I bought mine last year when I heard of this. I never leave the house without it on my toothbrush. Eeek


Nicole Maratovah Czarnecki steripod does work! I look forward to brushing my teeth now!


Ann Peake So pleased that I found Steripods to protect my toothbrush both at home and in hospital during an upcoming joint replacement surgery,it is especially important to keep teeth and mouth healthy to avoid any infection. Thank you.


Michelle Gooding I love my Steripod for my toothbrush!! I use it at home!!! Too much crap flying around in the bathroom to leave my toothbrush just hanging out!!


 Max SchoenholtzThis is great! For years, I'd put one of those 3-oz. bathroom cups upside-down over the head of my toothbrush, to try to protect it from everything in the bathroom. I hated to put a case on it to travel, thinking that if the toothbrush was wet, which it usually is, inside of a plastic case all day, it'd be just yucky that night. When I saw the SteriPod, I knew that this was just what I was looking for! It looks way better than an upside-down bathroom cup, too!


Shawn Berry I love my Steripods! 2 local stores were sold out and 1 of them finally got them back in stock. I bought 2 packs. Thank you!


Jared Ungar This is the reason why I love my steripod!  There are so many germs in all bathrooms !!



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