About Steripod

White Steripod Protector in Bathroom


Let’s face it — bathrooms are gross. Which is pretty ironic since bathrooms are the place we all go to get clean. That’s why the cleanliness experts (okay, neat freaks) at Steripod invented our patented product line of bathroom toothbrush protectors and sanitizers. We believe that clean can always be cleaner, and fresh can always be fresher. So when you use a Steripod product to protect your toothbrush — you know you’re getting next-level clean.

Steripod Toothbrush Protectors

When we found out that toothbrush bristles were 50% dirtier than toilet seats—we knew we had to step in. Our product experts invented a new kind of toothbrush protector. Our tried-and-true toothbrush protector is infused with Thymol, a non-toxic ingredient found in many mouthwashes. Our toothbrush protectors are infused with natural essential oils in Peppermint and Orange scents. The oil is infused into a dry tablet that gives off fresh vapors to clean and refresh your toothbrush bristles like odor-fighting ninjas.


Keeping It Real Fresh

Steripod bathroom essentials are guaranteed to keep you fresh and clean for 90 days. But just like your toothbrush, they need to be swapped out for a new one once in a while. We recommend replacing your Steripod products every three months. Doing so is a breeze. You can find Steripod products online at Amazon, Target, Walmart and other fine retailers.