Steripod Kit for Men (Set of 8 Pods)


For when you want that fresh feeling all over, we're introducing the Steripod Kit for Men, which includes a 1-year supply of Steripod essentials.

Steripod is an innovative line that comes complete with a clip-on toothbrush protector to keep your bathroom essentials clean. The beautifully designed products can protect your toothbrush, razor and even your tongue. Best of all, the Steripod system is ideal for use at home or on-the-go. Steripod fits any standard or electric toothbrush. Simply clip the patented case on any standard or electric toothbrush, and its special thymol tablet goes to work to keep your toothbrush fresh and protected for up to three months. 


4 Steripod Toothbrush Protectors in Teal, Silver, Violet and Black Pearl 
2 Steripod Razor Protectors in Teal and Blue
2 Steripod Tongue Cleaners in Blue and Pearl

This product qualifies for FREE SHIPPING IN USA.

Steripod Toothbrush Protector uses thymol – a safe ingredient found in many mouthwashes – and its patented design helps keep your toothbrush fresh and clean for up to three months.

Steripod’s zinc-powered Razor Protector helps your razor stay sharp using the same science that prevents rust on boats and skyscrapers.

90% of bad breath starts with a dirty tongue. Our Steripod Tongue Cleaner fights bad breath by gently scraping away build up. The small head reduces gag reflex, making fresh breath that much easier.

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