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UV Light Home Countertop Toothbrush Sanitizer

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Enjoy a fresh, clean brush every time with Steripod Brand UV Light Home Countertop Toothbrush Sanitizer. The powerful ultraviolet light eliminates 99.9%* of harmful microorganisms in just 10 minutes - without using any chemicals - to give you clean, sanitized toothbrushes. This sanitizing toothbrush holder features a lightweight, sleek, space-saving design that won’t crowd your bathroom countertop, while its family-friendly capacity holds up to 4 manual or electric toothbrush heads. The convenient smart sensor automatically turns off the sanitizer after the 10 minute sanitizing cycle,  or when the unit is opened. This prevents UV light from emitting without the protective barrier in place. Cleaning is quick and easy with the removeable top and tray, and the unit is light and easily portable so you can take it with you when you travel. Compatible with most manual and electric toothbrushes, this Steripod Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer has been lab tested for efficacy. It is made from food-grade materials. Trust the Steripod brand to clean and sanitize your family's toothbrushes.

  • EVERYDAY PROTECTION: The UV light sanitizer reduces 99.9% of harmful microorganisms in minutes*; it cleans and sanitizes without liquid chemicals; the auto-shut off mechanism prevents UV light from emitting without the protective barrier

  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN: This lightweight, family-friendly sanitizing toothbrush holder features a sleek, space saving design that easily fits near your bathroom sink without crowding the countertop; easily portable and convenient for travel

  • EASY TO USE: Sanitize 4 toothbrushes in just 10 minutes; use daily to keep your toothbrushes fresh, clean and sanitized at home; the smart sensor provides automatic shut off; with removable top and tray for easy cleaning

  • SANITARY AND VERSATILE: Support smiles with toothbrush protection; this package includes 1 Steripod Brand UV Light Toothbrush Sanitizer and 1 AC Adapter Wall Plug; compatible with most manual and electric toothbrush heads

  • FROM STERIPOD: America's #1 toothbrush cover brand providing everyday protection that gives you peace of mind. We believe clean can always be cleaner and fresh can always be fresher**

*This UV Light product is designed to eliminate microorganisms* including *E. coli, S. mutans, C. albicans, L. casei, S. aureus, and P. aeruginosa. Steripod does not protect against disease.